The way of my interaction

It is not too much to say that subjectivity is created by objectivity through video media, developed in the 20 century.

Recently, the rise of the internet, blog and web communities has resulted in a flood of uncontrolled, unedited information, which has started to form part of our subjectivity.

I explore the relationship between humans and technology using several different media. 

My works involve various types of participation and the prevailing theme is “the kind of confusion caused the collapse of the border between reality and virtual reality.”

In “Relational Aesthetics”, Nicolas Bourriaud argues for the importance of real people interacting with each other in a real environment. His argument helps me to think in more depth about the difference between real events and events in the virtual world, largely due to the fact that his position is the exact opposite to mine.

My belief is that technology is capable of creating and maintaining relationships between people, beyond considerations of time and place.

The use of ordinary games and materials in my work is not only to encourage participation, but also to investigate reality by bringing our the participants’ natural reactions.